I think my husband is cheating?

i work 12 hour shifts at the hospital...my husband gets home hours before I do...yesterday when I came home...he was in bed in his boxers...usually he is fully dressed and not ready for bed yet...and the covers on the bed were upside down...which is not how I left it...and all of my pictures on his bedside table were upside down on the floor under his bedside table...i tried to make advances towards him and he was not interested and instead he took a sleeping pill and went to sleep..if he is cheating I wish he would just tell me so I can get on with my life...its not fair if he is cheating...and I'm trying to be the faithful dutiful wife...we've only been married since march.


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  • You should ask him about all of the disorder in the bedroom. Ask why things were out of place. Ask specifically about the photos of you. Could be a simple explanation like he was masturbating, and you almost caught him. If you really think he's cheating, you need to make some changes in your schedule and not let him know. You may even need to fib a little to do this. Tell him you're covering a shift for someone, so you'll be home later than usual, but, instead find someone to cover part of your shift, and come home early (or something like that).

    I know it sounds deceitful, but you need to know. If you're an RN, you're probably making decent money. Pay for a private investigator to check up on him. I've been in your shoes and it sucks. It's better to find out now so you can move on with your life.

    Hopefully, what ever it was that was going on will be something really harmless, and his odd behavior was due to him being embarrassed. Good luck.


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  • that really sucks.

    i hope you catch him so you leave him.


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  • well the behavior is rather suspect, however you cannot be sure until he either tells you himself or until you catch him red handed...since the marraiage is just starting maybe you two could go to therapy to try and find out the reason he decided to be an infidele. if the therapy doesn't work then at least you didn't waste an entire yeah on a scummy cheater right? I hope things work out and I hope he wasn't cheating... good luck


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