He JUST made us official then dumped me saying one day I'd be fed up and leave him?

I was originally less attached, he always wanted more, official for less than a week, though had no problem introducing me as his girlfriend to his friends, then suddenly got a text saying it wouldn't be fair to me if he was my boyfriend while he's dealing with his personal demons (he is actually fucked up emotionally but has been the whole 3 months) and said he refused to hurt me and that he really didn't want to breakup but if we stayed together, one day I'd get fed up and leave him.

What gives?


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  • So u wanna leave him?

    • I didn't have a choice, he left me. Everything moved too fast but I never pushed him into anything, he always moved us forward but seeing as I am the one who start with a casual mindset, I had no expectations. But no I didn't want to leave him. I just opened up to him fully and I told him during breakup messages that we could figure it out.

  • He sees it as a favor to you.

    • It's hard to see it that way considering I never pushed him to commitment or anything, he did all that. I would have been fine taking things slowly on the emotional front seeing as the physical part had been there from the beginning. But why push for more emotional intimacy over just sex then ask me to be his girlfriend only to dump me within a week. I expected nothing from him, his fears (if real, which I'm having trouble believing given the fact I was more "the guy" in the relationship) are 100% in his head. I never asked for a boyfriend or expressed my desire for one, that was ALL him, so all he did was get me to open up despite my initial hesitancy, then leave.

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    • Which is what I want to believe, but its been a month and on the 3rd week (after a late night text) he said he's apparently unsure of what he wants and doesn't care if I date/sleep with other guys right now but could see in the future where he could though he said he wouldn't sleep with/date other girls. Ouch and also doesn't seem true. I've tried to be casual but he will respond then stop. I don't think I personally am ready to commit to something on every level, this is the closest I've gotten (for him he had his heart broken in the past - dumped me on the day she got engaged actually) and part of me just wants to explore things with him, not sleep with other people but just see what happens, which is what he said but he doesn't initiate contact ever. Sorry I rambled lol but I've never quite been around something like this.

    • To clarify he didn't say explore things with each other, he said see what happens as far as me and other people. Feels like he came up with this whole extravagant story to dump me due to boredom or something as I would definitely not be okay with seeing him with someone else esp. after his breakup reasonings

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