Why did my ex post a selfie of her smiling the day after she broke up with me? Felt a bit insensitive?

Girlfriend (now my ex) started acting distant and taking longer to reply a week and a half ago. Our last date she was really cold with me but at the end she was acting really hot, holding my hand, passionately kissing, laughing, etc. Then the day after she broke things off, no spark, something was missing, we wouldn't be right together and she's been feeling it for a while. I thought it was odd because before last week we were getting on like a house on fire and something suddenly changed.

Just as a side note, she only had one proper relationship before (6 years) and split up last year, she stopped talking to her ex before new years just gone. She kept bringing him up in conversation at least once when we met but I didn't say anything when I should have, maybe that would have helped the spark to create some friction.

Anyway, the day after she broke things off, she posted a nice selfie of herself holding her medal from the race she did that morning without makeup on.

What annoyed me was how happy she was and I can't shake the feeling she broke things off because of another guy, even though she told me there was nobody else. Why would she upload that? Her last upload was two weeks ago but I thought it was insensitive considering.. I ended up deleting her on Facebook anyway.


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  • So she's not allowed to be proud of her accomplishments and has to be miserable? She got a medal, buddy. Not everything has to be about you.

    She broke up with you because she wasn't feeling it. She doesn't have to pretend that she's miserable when she isn't because of your feelings.

    • She can be happy about her accomplishments, but a day after breaking up with me (she did this over text, I was the one who only had the courage to call her!). She knew I wasn't deleting her from Facebook, it felt a bit of a kick in the face how positive she was acting, especially her status which said "This was a great start to the day!".

      It just felt like she had no remorse for the breakup and wasn't sorry about it.

    • Because her life went on without you? Get out of your feelings, bro. It's not that deep. It wasn't even remotely about you. Grow the fuck up.

  • She did a race and was proud of it. It had nothing to do with you. I think deleting her was smart.

    • To post that a day after breaking up though? I know from her blog, she mentioned posting a lot of selfies after a guy she dated stopped speaking to her just to get his attention/make him jealous.

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    • She started acting distant with me just under 2 weeks ago. We've been together the previous 3 months.

      There's something amiss with everything though, like my gut feels it. Might be overthinking it, but I'm worried there's a possible pregnancy as she's shown symptoms since we last had sex 5 weeks ago, aka constant complaining about severe tiredness, mood swings, etc. I didn't use protection and trusted that she was on the pill. Just seemed odd that 3-4 weeks later she starts acting odd around me, like really cold/off with me one minute to completely being into me. If so, she's told me she's not ready for that life stage yet so if this is the case, she'd be worried incase I want to keep it and feels guilty. I highly believe I'm overthinking that though.

    • Yeah you're getting ahead of yourself. Just focus on your own life and try to move on.

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