Should I forgive him?

Not long ago, My boyfriend and I broke up.

At first his jealousy was cute, he was protective that made me feel he was really into me. Then his jealousy became worse.
It kinda started when he was laid off work. so I had to pay for everything at home.. I didn't mind it at all nor did I force him to find a job, He started to become insanely jealous of nothing, he digged my past and started asking questions about it (which I thought was very s*upid). He has this kind of thing that when he is mad he would start saying things just to hurt you (Even if he knows its not true)
Came to a point that what I wore to work thats underneath my clothes was an issue, and coming home with a not "on point" make up was as well. (I get really tired at work I barely have time to refresh my make up)
He would talk behind my back with people we know just because he was mad. He also would disturb everyone at my work just to ask questions.
we would argue as well about chores and cooking, since I work and I get really exhausted I do hope he would do the chores and cook since he'd be at home all day, Its not too much to ask is it? I mean give and take.
He eventually changed a bit because I was laid off work too but when I started working again the problems began, and the last draw was when he hit me on the face. He still thinks we can get back together, and Im kinda missing him too..
Im not perfect , I've got flaws, I dont know how to cook ans do some chores, Iam however a bread winner and never asks for material things nor am I a gold digger, I can make my own money, I never Cheat, I dont go partying, I dont drink , i go to work and go home , however I've got some anger issues as well but thats only when someone crosses their line and Im a really heavy smoker.
Should I forgive my ex? Should I give him another chance?
Should I forgive him?
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