My colleagues tells me I'm very similar to my boyfriend's ex girlfriend. Does he love me for me or what?

When I first started work, my colleagues have told me how similar I am to H. I didn't think much of it till I met my boyfriend and it turns out H is his ex girlfriend. And even though, his relationship with H has ended 4 years ago (he was the one who ended it), I feel that he only loves me because I'm really similar to H.

He claims he sees us as completely separate and different individuals, ALL my colleagues who has worked with H and I said we are pretty much the same in terms of character and personality. He doesn't talk about her much and if I had any questions about her, he tells me its better if I don't know.

Is this insecurity all in my head or is there a possibility that he loves me because I am like H?


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  • It's really hard to call...My girl used to really like this guy who is EXACTLY like me. They didn't work out as he just randomly dissapeared one day lol, but she met me a little while later. She just recently met up with him again, and now she is as friendly and comfy around hi mas she is even I don't understand how these situations work, I don't think we can know. But I think you are just like me...your partner or ex-partner only got attached to you so well because of the memory of someone else.

    • How long have you been with your girl?

      and do you ever feel insecure about it?

    • Well yah..cuz even if I find a girl long as I'm with another person, I don't think twice about it..makes me feel weird. However she can tend to speak fondly of them, and she even told me that with one of them, if she had the choice, she would rather be with that other guy (her ex). So yah...these old boyfriends that she speaks so fondly of really DOES make me feel insecure...especially with this current guy she just met up with again. I'm surprised she hasn't noticed.

    • And it's been just a little over a year now.

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