Going back to his ex?

I want to tell you a little story about what happend to me and i want you guys to tell what you think about this. So i was writting with a guy for 4 month now and he was so good to me and he told that he really loves me and did so many things for me, and tomorow was his birthday and his ex wrote him for his birthday and now the started talking/dating again and he left right after he talked with her me as i am nothing. The girl is very rich... Please tell me what to do to
get revenge cuz i am like dying im so baddd.


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  • Revenge is childish and won't make you feel better. The best revenge is truly moving on and being happy. Trust me from experience, anger and hatred will sour all your decisions and actions going forward and he will keep winning. If you let it all go, walk away and don't look back. For all you know he was using you all along. Do you want to give someone like that your precious time and power? Save it for someone else who deserves it.


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  • Don't live for revenge. Before you know it all you time is stolen from you. Don't allow someone to rent so much space in your head.


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  • leave him alone

    • im not chasing him to have him again as a boyfriend, i want revenge for what he did. Cuz he liked me first texted me first

    • let him know what he is left he will never get again

  • ... I dont know what to say to that

    • Also, seem like this guy also just wants a fling, he will never be satisfied

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