Can I have a future with this girl?

I've been friends with this girl for about 6 months, recently (after she broke up with her ex 2 months ago who also happens to be my friend) I found out she had feelings for me whilst they were together.
We've been talking and seeing eachother, but i have been thinking I might not be able to have a future with her because she refuses to stop talking to her ex (they were good friends before dating), can she still move on?
I've spoken to her ex about it and he wants us to try and he's also given his blessing and told me that he doesn't see himself getting back with her after finding out what's been going on (we're still good friends somehow).
At the moment I have taken the pressure off by telling her that we should just be friends until she's allowed herself to heal emotionally, because she never really dealt with her feelings and the whole situation.
Overall I'm struggling just being friends with her, if I'm being 100% selfish, If there's no chance we can be together, then I don't want to talk to her, just to save my feels.
Hopefully this is enough to go on, would really appreciate some opinions


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  • If she still likes him its gonna be hard. Give her some time alone to figure it out. If that guy dont like her she might go with you. Now answer my question please

  • No because he is Al Capone and he will find you

  • Find someone not as enthusiastic about conversing with the past


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