My ex says he misses me and acts like he does but doesn't want to date me. Why?

My ex and I didn't date very long, but when I went away to college he broke up with me so I could experience college and what not. When I'm back on my hometown, we spend most of the time together, and we still fool around like when we were dating. He isn't dating anyone else right now, and has told me he doesn't plan to because he thinks it's a waste of time. I know he isn't sleeping around, and he said after I graduate he would want to date me then. I'm so confused. He's older than me (he's 24, I'm 19), and I really don't see where he's coming from with all this. He says he loves me and he misses me, so I'm even more confused.


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  • Probably just wants the perks but no commitment.


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  • Talk is cheap. He's there reaping the benefits of a relationship without being committed to you.


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  • It sounds like you are his security blanket. He likes to be cutesy and mess around, but a label is where the line crosses. If you are ok with this, then have fun. If not, you need to cut the leash.

  • If you want to be with him, tell him. If he doesn't respect that, then move on.


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