How do I tell? Relationship struggles?

Me and my girlfriend are together for 3months now and atm we're at a pause because I'm way too busy and barely have time for anything else.

Also I start to think she is more annoying than that I love her. How can I straight up tell her in the least painful way?

Im not happy like this and she still seems to love me like crazy, but she chokes me with her lovey-dovey stuff.

Please someone help me


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  • literally, me and my boyfriend are going through this rn. and if it were me, I'd honestly would want him to tell me the truth.

    • But I'm so afraid to hurt her too much. She's a nice girl, and she's still in love with me.. I'm desperate XD

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    • That's a real fair point. I should tell her. But as a sensitive person, it's a real hard thing to do. Thanks. I'll think about a way to tell

    • i get it. you're welcome

  • Let her know you need some space to make it work

    • But.. Like how would that help? We're already in a pause/break
      Please explain more?

    • Just explain to her it's a bit much for you to handle right now and see if she backs off. If not, let her know the timing isn't right and end things

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