I know he broke with with me but why is he being cold?

I sent my Baby's Dad a picture of the ultrasound and wrote isn't My baby Beautiful? And he has yet to respond he's just been ignoring me lately
And not wanting anything to do with me


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  • If you said MY baby then I understand why he'd ignore you


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  • I presume you want him to be a part of the baby's life?
    If you do the "My baby" bit might have seemed cold to him, almost show off-y "Look at MY baby, look what you are missing out on!" Perhaps he didn't know how to react.

    • I want him around yes an I said that because he hasn't been around

    • Perhaps he doesn't know how to respond. If he wants to be a part of it, maybe he thinks you don't and doesn't want to make things more awkward by saying anything.

    • I feel like as a man he should step up he knows I do want him around but he doesn't want to an it makes me feel like I dont matter or exist because I am caring his child

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  • Sounds like he's trying to avoid the situation because he has no interest in taking responsibility. I would still be mature about it though. Don't be petty like saying "my baby" instead of "our baby."

    • How can I not be petty when he's clearly being a jerk to me

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    • I don't know why you broke up or whatever, but it's hard to get a young man to stay around and be a father even in the best of circumstances. I don't know what type of guy he is, but I would give it just a bit and see what he does. Does he deny the baby? I hope he comes around but statistically it's low

    • At first he did he was pretty mad I didn't want to get an abortion , then he seemed on board with the baby an something changed again then he just started being a lot more cold when we last spoke a week ago he told me I didn't deserve to have his child an I got angry an went off on him in a text haven't heard from him since

  • You're probably best to several ties if that's his attitude


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