How do I get my fiance to see reality?

I have been in a relationship for two years. I have absolutely no attractions to any other females but my fiance thinks I'm cheating on her all of the time. It should be obvious that I'm not but she keeps searching for clues and comes up with some strange things that make sense to her because she confirms whatever she was thinking in her mind. I love her so much but now she hates me for false reasons. How can I prove to her that she's my one and only?
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Funny that he failed to tell the whole truth of the matter before asking how he can prove that I'm his one and only. Yes I know it's not cool that I went onto one of his chat sites. Along with updating one of his questions. Though I did have a feeling there was something here I needed to see. Tim forgot to mention that HE is the reason for my lack of trust in him. We started talking on Oct 2 2015, Feb 24 2016 we became official, March 12 2016 I caught him cheating. The other girl had been in jai
How do I get my fiance to see reality?
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