You guys I needs help?

So I just recently told my friend that I'm talking to his ex girlfriend of 6 years. And he started talking shit about her saying he doesn't even give a fuck about ehr and things like that! But I do! So I told him if it was fine that we talked and he's like idgaf it's fine. But now he keeps staring at me weird. And seemed really bugged I don't know if he actually doesn't give a rats ass or he's just tryna play it off. I need help yall! What y'all think about this situation? Do you y'all think he still cares even tho he doesn't? I'm confused I need help!


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  • he does give a fuck he probs thinks she is gonna turn u on him, best if u stop ttalking to her too much or around him


What Girls Said 1

  • I mean put yourself in his position, it's easy to figure what's going on.

    • So you think he actually don't give a fuck? Or? Lmaooo

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