Why did ex girl contact me?

So i dated this girl over the summer for about a month, she knew she was going to grad school a state away the entire time, but then suddenly broke up with me because of it after going on 6 or 7 dates and talking all day everyday. She told me to never contact her again and was a real jerk when i was overly nice to her at all times. I figured out she went back to her ex, which of course sucked. Anyway, she recently took his pictures off her FB and re-captioned her instagram pics with him and reached out to me a couple times. Which ended with her calling me this past Sunday, and after kindve throwing a tantrum when i didn't answer, i let her walk all over me and i called her and talked to her for 30 minutes. Now i feel so dirty and awful about myself for doing that. She hasn't contacted me since, and i notice she was checking all my snapchats for prolly the past 2-3 weeks because i opened it up to everyone to see if she would watch them, i unadded her when we broke up. She didn't check my one snapchat after our call. So im prolly reading way too much into that, but anyway, what do you guys think was going on? Just trying to see if i was still an option? Wanting some comfort because she and her ex broke up again? I just feel so dirty and used, now want her to contact me again so i can tell her to screw off basically and i feel like i mightve missed my chance to do that. I shouldve just not answered but i can't lie, it did feel cool to have her sort of chasing me for a week or so after everything that happened.


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