My ex told me he can't get over me, but then said he would leave me be, what does this mean?

My ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago, said he doesn't want to be friends. We unfollowed eachother on everything except Snapchat. For the past week he has viewed all of my stories (he hardly used to view them) and replies to them no matter what is in them. I'm sick and he Snapchat messages me everyday asking if I'm feeling better. Yesterday after not having talked for a while, he told me "I just can't get over you" and I told him I felt the same, and then he replied with "I'll leave you be now, I'm sorry for bugging you" then I said he wasn't bugging me and he just keeps saying stuff like he misses me and that "it's me not you" but if he can't get over me & I want him back, how do I go about getting him back? We both can't get over eachother so I'm confused as to what could be holding him back


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  • What broke y'all up in the first place, maybe you should discuss that issue (s) and see if it can be worked out

  • This guu just dont know how to handle it thats all. He likes you but he's just being stupid. Why dont u text him first thats probably whay he wants


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