I deleted ex from Facebook, a day after she's changed the privacy of her single relationship status? Paranoid there's someone else?

- Ex broke up with me after acting hot and cold prior to the breakup, i. e acting distant, taking longer to reply, not letting me cuddle her in the cinema. However she agreed to meet me 3 times that week, we passionately kissed for a minute each time, held hands, etc.
-She broke up with me over text saying she's really struggling at the moment (I know she's having a hard time at her new teaching job) and felt it wasn't fair on me to continue things and she wasn't sure we were right for each other
-I phoned her, talked it through, said she wanted to phone but couldn't work up the confidence
-She said something was missing, felt spark had disappeared recently
-Asked if there was someone else. She said no, and that there wouldn't be for a long time/wouldn't be dating for a long time as she felt she should have had more time being on her own after her last relationship.
-Day after breaking up with me she posted a selfie of her smiling, holding a medal. Her status mentioned she competed in a race and she was acting very positive
-Not sure if this was in reaction to me after I posted "Things happen.. Time to move on!" and a joke about someone at work, i. e, I was making myself look unfazed by the breakup. Maybe she wanted me to feel sad?
-Few days later I reached out asking if she was 100% sure, that I felt we were reacting off each others bad moods, stress of work, etc and that I wanted to be there to support and comfort her. I said that I'd leave her alone and walk away if she didn't feel the same way, just that I wanted to know
- She said "I think we may have different views on our relationship. I really haven't felt a spark in a while and it's nothing to do with my job or any other factors in my life. I just don't think ultimately we would be right for each other".
-I accepted, then removed her from Facebook.
-I did notice that she changed the privacy on her relationship status to private (which was single) a day after I removed her. In her "about me" section she had it set to single but now it says "no relationship info to show".

Is there a possibility she left me for another guy and now I've removed her, she's hidden it incase she gets with someone?


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  • If you deleted her then why do you care? Maybe she was pissed you deleted her so she don't want any of her page showing to people who aren't friends

    • My first thought was maybe she got pissed by it. She probably expected me to keep tabs on her relationship status and hid it to make me worry, like I am now, that she could be with someone else.

      I've gone no contact with her now and will focus on improving myself, meeting other women, etc. She's a commitment phone (she admitted in one of her blogs with her last relationship) and things were going really well to suddenly go downhill in the space of a week.. She has down moments and I could tell she wasn't over her ex..

      No contact will allow me to move on and meet others but could allow the space needed for her to miss me. Not saying she will.. The spark was there then disappeared, so I don't know if not talking for months, she may get back in touch down the line. It's win/win either way.

    • If she was still in love with her ex to begin with, that's a really bad sign meaning you she wasn't ready for a relationship and you were the rebound guy. That never works. I would move on

    • Yeah I am now, got over the worst of it but still my mind is filled with unanswered questions. She seemed to really enjoy her time with me, there was attraction there but maybe she felt her feelings were still too strong with her ex. I guess when she said we wouldn't be right for each other, that she's really struggling at the moment and thinks its unfair on me points to it. I asked if I was the rebound though (over phone) and she told me I wasn't, that it was meaningful.

      There's something amiss with everything though, like my gut feels it. Might be overthinking it, but I'm worried there's a possible pregnancy as she's shown symptoms since we last had sex 5 weeks ago, aka constant complaining about severe tiredness, mood swings, etc. I didn't use protection and trusted that she was on the pill. Just seemed odd that 3-4 weeks later she starts acting odd around me, like really cold/off with me one minute to completely being into me. Maybe overthinking that though.

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