When a man says he isn't in a position for a relationship with you but still feels the way he did for you?

Things were amazing. We're best friends and have just begun to catch feelings for each other. However, it's been two days and I haven't received a text. I texted him and we got to talking. Due to his work schedule, he says he does not feel competent for a wholesome relationship right now, but that that doesn't mean it changes the way he feels about me in any way whatsoever, and that he wants to just "do us" right now.

1. What does this mean?
2. I'm planning on telling him that I respect and understand where he is coming from, that I never nor do have any expectations in regards to gravitating past being close friends, and that I hope he can work to be the best version of himself for wherever/whoever is in his future.


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  • Best thing to do is accept it. If he gets to a place where he wants a relationship and you're available, great.


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