Ex of 5 years breakup?

I had been with my ex for 5 years with a few weeks inbetween on and off but now she says she is fed up of me lying even though i haven't lied about anything, she made a fake snapchat to spy on me and my friends she added them and pretended to be a random person while spying for 3 months and lying to me about it only admitting it after she said i was lying, now she's started uni and she's going out every day to bars and pubs with people, she recently met a guy and gave her number to him saying oh he's my friend but she would be insane if i did anything similar, there is history as she has accused me of lying before and i have told lies about other things but then again so has she and i haven't lied in months and done my best and now she says she is done and she loves me more than anything and she wants to focus on her studies but she's out with random guys in a bar clearly i dont know how to move on i really dont i just need some advice on what to do i do love her but i know i won't be with her if she has been seeing guys either.


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  • Give her space. Sometimes we when we quit paying attention to someone they realize they miss that and come back. You have to completely Ghost her for like a month and hope for the best.

    • But if she carries on seeing guys and doing things like that i won't want to be with her so i just dont know what to do

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