Why is she doing this?

We were together for three years. I loved (okay, love) her boundlessly. I could not navigate problems between she and my kids successfully. We (she) broke up a bit over two months ago. She moved out quickly and I bought her out of the house. While I have told her I loved her and apologized for my failures, I did not fight her leaving - struggled with her leaving (because that's what happens when you are still in love), but didn't fight it. Now that house sale is done, she is leaving stuff at the house to get at some later time, delaying giving me the keys/garage remote and has been sending me an occasional email (whenever there's a gap of a week or so without communication on the house sale, for example). The email usually is some web link and an innocuous one sentence remark - sometimes win a single letter signature. Very impersonal and not articles I need to read. ... why send the emails? I'm an addict in recovery here, why keep showing me the liquor bottle (yes, im referring to being addicted to her not alcohol).
  • She loves you and is trying to keep her on your mind
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  • She afraid of being perceived of poorly and this is a coping mechanism
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  • She is trying to ease you off of her
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  • She doesn't have a clue what she's doing. Breakups make people do crazy things
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  • Just show me the answers
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Well it seems like the six of us are as confused about this cumulatively as I am individually. Of course I'm desiring whomever picked option A to be right. I guess we'll see what time brings. Anyone else experience this?


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  • Sorry it didn't work out. Sounds like she's having a hard time letting go to.

    • Thanks. It can be tough to let go, especially when you both agree, as you are breaking up that you are good together. ... so challenging to blend families!

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