How do I accept it and move on and be happy?

Im not with my partner anymore. He used to do something that upset me.
Now even tho we aren't together it still upsets me. It still bothers me. I have a habit of looking at whether he still does it.
I need a way of accepting I can't change what's happening and move on.
Even now I can't accept it and I want to know. If I don't know it makes me feel unwell because I have to know. I hope this makes some sense...
So I guess what I'm asking is advice for breaking a habit and accepting I can't change what's happening so to stop checking.


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  • If one has been a relationship truly, then it's not possible to break it off in a moment. It takes time, just like bad habits. You quit yet indulge in it, sometimes to see , how it used to be. Eventually it withers away.


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