Have I ruined my chances?

I'd say this is more directed at women, but any opinions are appreciated
I was friends with this girl for a few months, then we ended up having what I'd call a summer fling, and dated for about a month and a half or so
She started becoming really distant and basically ignoring me, and I just put my all into the relationship to try and hold on to it, but she said that "the feelings just aren't really… there", and that I came on too strong. I also know she doesn't feel very ready for a relationship right now, at least not for one with feelings as strong as what I had.
She broke things off and we're still great friends, basically where we were before all of it, but with a lot more history.
She broke my heart, and I'm not too sure if I even want to love her anymore, but I do, and I don't think that's gonna change
We still spend time together and nothing is weird about it at all, but I just want to know, if you were in her position, how possible do you think it is to redevelop those feelings for me?
I currently kind of blame it on that whole summer relationship deal, as the season faded, so did her feelings
I know she still cares about me, and finds me attractive, and appreciates all I've done for her, so she has some feelings, I guess just not much romantic ones anymore


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  • If i was in that position i wouldn't be into it, but I'd say it depends on you two

    • Well when we did start dating, it was rather sudden, so I don't think it's too unlikely that it will happen again?

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    • Well that sounds even worse than what I'm going through :(
      She's the only girl I want
      Hopefully you'll find someone who treats you the way you deserve, or he gets tired of whoring around and realizes he needs someone to love him
      But we can't make these things happen, so prepare for the worst is my usual strategy

    • Though it would serve to advantage if you do the same, by the time she will feel the same as I did and will value you more. It's just nature we don't see how precious something is till it goes away from us. Let her live any experiences without you, I can assur she will remember you one day and come to you on her own. But for that you need to create a lot of distance

  • True Love, doesn't care if it's heart's been broken.


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  • Lala!
    Things go complicated because women are complicated. ..
    Don't worry just hang on if u r sure... your true feelings will either create her feelings or otherwise. ...
    But at least you won't blame urself for not hanging on sufficient time!
    Be good friends and wait for the right time... it shall come.

    • Yeah… there are some complications like school so I guess I'd just hope we're still this close when we have more freedom, then maybe we could be more than friends again

    • It all depends on destiny/ fate... but we should always remain optimistic and hope for the best

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