Have I ruined my chances?

I'd say this is more directed at women, but any opinions are appreciated
I was friends with this girl for a few months, then we ended up having what I'd call a summer fling, and dated for about a month and a half or so
She started becoming really distant and basically ignoring me, and I just put my all into the relationship to try and hold on to it, but she said that "the feelings just aren't really… there", and that I came on too strong. I also know she doesn't feel very ready for a relationship right now, at least not for one with feelings as strong as what I had.
She broke things off and we're still great friends, basically where we were before all of it, but with a lot more history.
She broke my heart, and I'm not too sure if I even want to love her anymore, but I do, and I don't think that's gonna change
We still spend time together and nothing is weird about it at all, but I just want to know, if you were in her position, how possible do you think it is to redevelop those feelings for me?
I currently kind of blame it on that whole summer relationship deal, as the season faded, so did her feelings
I know she still cares about me, and finds me attractive, and appreciates all I've done for her, so she has some feelings, I guess just not much romantic ones anymore
Have I ruined my chances?
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