I'm just curious boys: do you guys always leave possibilities open with your exes?

A guy once told me that all guys always leave possibilities open with their exes (ie. possibilities of dating them in the future) if they become friends with them/agree to friendship...is this true? For example, if a guy broke up with a girl (NOT a bad breakup..reason being distance or something) and if she asked him to be friends would he agree to the friendship and chill with her because he hopes to keep her as an opinion in the future (ie. date her/hook up with her etc.)...or is there such thing as the guy wanting a platonic friendship with the girl after he breaks up with her?


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  • I dont...if you break up with me that's it...

    • But what if you broke up with her? Would you ever leave the door cracked?

    • There had to of been a reason why I broke up with her....Id try and remain friends but No door open for a get back together.

  • My ex hurt me so so bad.. I loved her with all I had. If she could walk away from me that easily before, I couldn't do it again...


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