Ex boyfriend got a new girlfriend after 2 months of us being split up?

Hello I’ll try not to make this to long. okay so here goes..
back in May around 5 months ago, I started seeing a guy who attends a different high school from me. we got on really well, had a connection , and we was both happy. however, in June things got quite stressful and he sadly lost a family member due to suicide which was rather hard on him and I tried the best I could to support him and be there for him and cheer him up in anyway I could and due to him losing someone he was close with he pulled away from me and didn’t really treat me like a girlfriend anymore and this is when we started arguing with eachother and started seeing eachother less and I began to think there was someone else and he would always get angry when I said like I feel like you have someone else and he’d break up with me Continuously before he said we’re done for good so I accepted the fact that we was done and I no longer initiated contact with him and thought I’d never hear from him again only to wake up to a weird text three days after we breakup in the early hours of the morning saying ‘I take it the thunder woke you too?’ and I just said ‘yeah’ and he ignored it. this cycle is still ongoing he’d message every couple of weeks with something so stupid or random that silly me I know, replied to and the last time we spoke was about a month ago and he pops up on the month which was 18th sep, saying ‘do you want to meet some time?’ and then persists to tell me he loves me and misses me and asked if I’ve been with anyone and I was actually meant to meet him but I didn’t want to as I got the feeling he’d try and do something as he was with his mates and I wasn’t too sure how that’d go down, anyways when I replied to his message I just said ‘sorry was busy, couldn’t come.’ and he sent a heart and then I asked him like what are your intentions with me and he blocked the messages. A week after this happened He got a new girlfriend. Been Split up two months he’s already with someone new?


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  • He's going through a grieving process and if he replaced you like that then you should move on as well and never acknowledge his messages agian he's using you to make himself feel better and that's not fair to you at all

    • He’s blocked completely and he has no way of contacting me.

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    • Very welcome and agreed he's not doing himself any good as far as what his intentions are he's really just making it easier for others to see that he is not a wise choice to get emotionally involved with I think you are most definitely going to attract a keeper because you got your head in the right place on top of your own shoulders doing what you feel you need to do not what anyone else thinks you should do you sound like a very intelligent and well grounded individual that's gonna go places and have a great future that you will create by putting yourself first I admire that independence and wish you the best in your life journey

    • Ohh myyy that’s very nice postitive feedback from you really appreciate it Thankyou and yes I’m doing what I need to do to focus on myself I can’t sulk over him it’s pointless I mean I do admit it has been a rough 2 months for me coping with the popping in and out of my life but as he’s been blocked permanently I’m finally starting to get back on my feet and not have to worry whether he’s going to message. I’m starting to realise he was draining and other people could see that too and he was not good for me at all just a mind gamer to be honest. Yes I admit sometimes I miss him but it’s only for the wrong reasons and I can’t go back as much as I’d like to it’s not right and I certainly don’t want to make a mug of myself like I’ve already done with responding to his silly messages. onwards and upwards from now on. Let that new girl deal with his crap. I mean my mums taught me to give my toys to the less fortunate.

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  • I don't know maybe he’s just trying to get over you, she’s probably rebound
    I mean, this is going by the fact that he’s been messaging you first and not the other way around

    • Yes he kept messaging me sometimes it’s be 2 weeks he wouldn’t speak and then he’d messssge and then a whole month and then he messaged and that last time he messsged which was 2 weeks ago i found out Tuesday he has a new girlfriend do you see how messed up that a week after telling me BS he gets with someone new.

    • Maybe he came back for sex, or if you guys didn’t do that she’s definitely rebound or he’s trying to get you jealous
      Don’t bother with it
      He’ll realize he didn’t get your attention and then that relationship will end sooner or later

    • Even if he only did come back for sex then That pissed on his fireworks as I wouldn’t have let him also I haven’t seen him since July so.

      Yeah well the girl he’s with I doubt that’d they last long anyway but who knows. Maybe she is a rebound because someone doesn’t move on from their ex in 2 months especially when they kept messsaging you every now and then for 2 months.

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  • He is confused and not getting a point to directly say you that he is done with you.

    You have to just treat him as friend if I really want him , because such light broke up is not due to your faults, these are just because of more attractive someone beside him, so be friend wait and watch

  • Best way to get over a ex, is to get under a new one. Lol. Or get a distraction

  • My ex got a new boyfriend 4 days after breaking up. Me and her were together for over a year and a half soo.. that's were I'm at right now. It's really heartbreaking.

    • It sucks doesn’t it but it’s life people are cruel and make you feel as though you never meant anything to them but I hope you’re okay and keep strong. I doubt that they’ll last long I mean all you can do is work on yourself and do what you love most and maybe she’ll regret leaving you for someone else.

    • Thank you🖒

  • Why do u care if he is with someone else. U can take as much time as u need. He is not in ur life anymore so why r u bothering urself with his crap?

    • I’m glad he’s not in my life anymore but all the BS he told me just frustrates me and the fact that he’s that kept coming back and going again was really annoying, I couldn’t care if he’s with someone else but I find it weird how he just suddenly got with someone new after a week of messaging me wanting to meet asking if he could kiss me and all this crap.

  • I mean two months is awhile sooo I wouldn't freak out. Accept what it is and move on

    • During them two months he kept messaging on and off.

  • Men move on fast.

  • Why do you care what your ex, does?


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