My girlfriend has been on a trip and all we have been doing is texting. Now she says she wants to take a break?

I don't understand I think it might be she found someone else but she will never be able to see him because he would be so far away. And we are really connecting I don't understand please help.


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  • Yeah it's probably cause she met someone. I'd try just talking to her about it and tell her to be honest about the reason for the break.

    Hopefully things will get better when she gets back.

  • Your instincts are correct. She did meet someone else... and you are right - They

    will not be able to see each other but she's caught up in the fantasy.. I would back away.. Let her figure this out.. If you care for her - give her some time to sort this out because you know these two will never work. However, if she was head over heels for you... she wouldn't have eveen been interested in pursuing another guy. What do you want to do? Not much you can do if she's made up her mind. You decide to wait... or just leave her. Your call. Hugz.


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