My girlfriend says voices want her to break up?

Most of the time she's fine but every once in a while she says that she keeps thinking we should break up even though she doesn't want to. Does she actually want to break up or do you think there's something deeper?


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  • if she hearing voices then maybe it's for the best? but seriously, y'all should talk it over, ask her whats on her mind, and how she feeling about the current events. Maybe y'all are going through a crucial stage and she is getting pressured not by people but by forces like nature or health or recent events that make her attention to things obstructed due to her being unfocused with an issue

  • Uh, if she said that there are "voices" at all, that's a red flag. End it before before you end up cut into little pieces and thrown it a trash bag in her trunk.

    • We've been together for a year and a half and I'm in love with her so I'd rather not do that

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