Bumped into an ex?

Today I saw an ex of mine. We were together 3 years ago. Had a very bad breakup. Completely broke contact on both sides. Today I saw her she came to my workplace. I am doing well. She was coming towards with a query. After recognising me, turned around and walked away. I was surprised at the moment and then felt amused about it. A Hello wouldn't have been too bad. After our breakup she used to stalk me in person and on social media for 1 whole year. But then stopped after seeing I had moved on with other people. As far as I know she hasn't been very successful, in her love life or career. Its tragic really. Any helpful thoughts on why she acted like she did. Thanks


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  • She was embarrassed for you to see her in her state if she hasn't been successful as you say and probably hates you being happy and doing well so she couldn't look you in the eye.

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