Open relationship? What to do?

So this summer I met this guy. We hit it off wonderfully and at the end of the summer parted ways.

Now we're talking on a daily basis though there's a 7 hour time difference, saying we love each other and talking about how much we miss each other.

Today, he told me he went out with another girl last night. Then went on to say how it was bad, because I'm his girlfriend yet he's going out with other girls.

We talked about it, and agreed that it was best if we went out with other people but didn't tell each other. He continued to call me his girlfriend all throughout the conversation, to his friends and to me.

I'm just worried that as he goes out with more and more girls, his feelings for me will fade seeing as he's seeing all these pretty girls on a daily basis, yet I'm across the ocean from him.

I love him, but should I just cut things off with him?


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  • Well if you like him that much and you want to make it work, you could insist he doesn't see other girls. That's perfectly understandable, and he should be okay with it. If it's too much strain on you and the relationship to put up with him seeing other girls, and he's not willing to stop seeing other girls, then end it.

    Also, I don't think it's a good idea not to talk to each other about other people you've seen, since it leaves you wondering and probably expecting the worst and therefore feeling worse about it.

    • I mean, I wanted to tell him and vice versa, but he didn't want to know.

      He told me that me telling him would only make him feel bad, and that it would probably upset him... Idk.

    • I think you need to be open about it for it to work, but that's just my opinion.

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  • You have a very nice ass.


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  • long distance relationships are tough... and for you two to drift apart is very likely. I'm not saying it will never work out but it will be really; REALLY hard...

    your young. try dating guys in your own town. you make fall for someone who is down the street rather across the country ;)


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