How do I move on from a break up?

Her and myself had been together. We got engaged and maybe it was faster than we should bc after this we talked about the wants we had and realizing we had a lot of the same we also had some differences. So better now than a year and a half from now. We decided to still be friends and that we would be here for one another. I can act like it's ok but I still just want to know the best ways to move on bc it does hurt.


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  • Allow yourself to feel upset or sad about it. I know she meant a lot to you and its ok to be upset now. Don't run from how you feel, instead embrace it and move on from there. To try and feel better do things that you enjoy doing. Try to get out of the house and do things. Invite your friends over and hang out. Avoid getting on her social media as best as you can. Also I think that it might be best for you guys to progressively stop talking in order for you to truly heal. Seeing her and talking to her is going to make things worse because you are being reminded of your relationship.
    P. S. - Please don't get into a rebound relationship. This makes things worse as well because you are trying to replace what once was and it's just not really a healthy way to go about things.

    • Thank you. It does suck for now. I'm sure it'll get better

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  • 1. Start lifting heavy weights if you don't.

    2. Cut off all contact with her.

    3. Do NOT try and get over her by losing yourself in booze/other women

    4. Work hard to make more money until you make six figures and run your own business and call shots like a big boss.

    5. profit.

    6. She comes back

    7. It's too late for her. You're a big goddamn boss now and you get chix.

    • My answer is the truth. You need nothing else but to follow these 7 commandments and you will get over her. Otherwise you will suffer for YEARS. The choice is yours.

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    • Hahaha I'm gonna have to look them up

    • Good luck man!!! $$$

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  • hang out with your friends

    • I need to but work and as school leaves too much time to think

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  • What do you do with a Band-Aid? That's your answer

  • hit the gym bro


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