I'm not sure what to do.. Help?

So this close friend of mine.. she recently had a break up with a guy. Few days ago. Yesterday he told her he wanted to meet her because he wanted to introduce her to his friends. I thought there's something fishy behind this.. I told her, but she's really naive and innocent, and she's like worried about him, that by not going she might hurt his feelings... But she supposedly already broke up... I'm genuinely worried. Why would he wanna do such a thing? What to do in such a situation?


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  • Go with her! As if you are invited too! Nothing wrong with that. Or drive her to the location and stand right outside of the car where they can see you. Waiting for her. If you don't want to do that, tell her to call or text at a certian time when she gets done with the meet or whatever and if she doesn't, then something is wrong. When something doesn't seem to add up or when something doesn't feel right, more than likely something is up. What would you do if it was your sister or something? Be there for her.

    • Actually we live in the same city, but far away. So I don't know if I can do that...

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    • Oh okay good!

    • Then you did your job, good job!

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  • Yooo that's sketchy af. If you feel comfortable maybe go with her. Round up some friends and back her up


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  • Follow her obviously

    • Take a stone or something that can be used in a fight but not things like knife. Have it in your pocket. Stone is best choice.

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