Someone please explain to me why I feel this way?

Someone please explain to me why I feel this way?

I have a crush on this guy I work with and he likes me, we started talking and getting to know each other which wasn't a problem. We spent one month talking to each other about EVERYTHING! He wanted to date me but I didn't because I didn't want to get hurt again, so he said okay. And when I was finally ready to date him, someone close to him told him not to date me because my mom is really strict when it comes to guys; and I told him we can make this work if you want.

He told me he won't take the chance because he will always want to see me. So now I am stuck being depressed over a guy!

I was running away from this problem and yet it happened to me, and now all I ever do is think about him, I want to talk to him so bad I just know he won't talk like he used too.

At work the other day I ignored him ALL day because I didn't want to flirt with him because I know I can't have him, he tried to get my attention and told me to smile, but instead of smiling I wanted to cry. He came to my aisle and asked if everything's okay, now he's the one whose trying to talk to me.

So when I was on the phone with my friend, he looked unhappy, I poked him and he smirked at me, and didn't look at me at all. (what does that mean?)

Should I just move on? I can't describe this feeling, all I want right now is him and no one else. Can someone tell me what the heck is he doing to my head?


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  • Every guy is an idiot until he reaches the prime age of 107 years old. Until then you should expect them to act irrationally and in nonsensical ways, especially when it comes to women. Don't even bother trying to figure out what his actions mean, because they mean absolutely nothing.

    If you want him, just grab him by the bunchkins and go to town. Ride it like you stole it! Your mother will take care of should learn to do the same.


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  • He's probably in the same position as you are. He wants to be with you, but he knows he can't because of your mother.


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  • It sounds to me that he wants you to chase him.

    'Somebody' who tells him that your mom is strict shouldn’t change the way he feels about YOU.

    Which is why he smiled, but he didn't look at you.

    PUSH -- PULL. It’s a game. Play or don't.

    Its up to you. It might break your heart if you end up chasing him.

    Some people like to see up to what extent you will go to finally have them. It soothes their egos.


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