Why is my ex hiding the new relationship she rubbed in my face?

My ex broke up with me and a week later said she had a new boyfriend that was better than me, but this time I had already had her take down our pics she had on Facebook, which she was not happy about, but I was just wondering why she does not have any pics of the new guy or at least changed her relatioship status, I mean she made a big deal when we were still together of making sure or Facebook's said in relationship together, why is she doing things different, also I know this sounds stupid it will make me feel better if I send flowers every week to her house, is that bad


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  • It sounds like she's really immature and rebounding. Your best shot of getting her back is to live your life separately from hers. She's probably not flaunting the new guy because of some sort of regret. Either way, if the new guy is a better fit for her, than let her be happy, or if he's a worse fit for her than let her have her mistake. It doesn't matter to you at this point

  • Leave and forget. Best satisfaction for you is that you are happier without her. Cut all communication and date other girls. You would be a pussy sending flowers after she dumped you!

  • Flowers part is bad, move on to the next then rub it in her face lmao


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