Does my ex like me again? How do I get back with him?

Okay so my boyfriend and I dated for 2 and a half years. He broke up with me a little over 2 months ago because he wanted to be alone and didn't want to be in a relationship. He said he was stressed out and just couldn't take it anymore. Well he immediately started talking to a new girl and now they are dating. I haven't talked to him much at all since we broke up. Whenever we do talk, he initiates it. We usually only send a couple texts back and forth and then that's it. Well 3 days ago, he texted me and we have been basically texting non-stop. He's started calling me by his nickname for me and has been joking around with me. He confessed that the girl he is with right now, he doesn't like at all and doesn't want to date her but he doesn't know what to do about it. I told him to just be honest with her and he said that was what he was going to do, he didn't like her at all. So basically, I'm still in love with him and have thought about him everyday since we broke up. When he told me this I got a shred of hope. We continued texting and we even sent pictures to each other showing off our new clothes we had just gotten. He told me my hair looked really good and he loved it etc etc. I thought things were really looking up for us but he randomly stopped sounding happy and quit writing me back. He sent his girlfriend picture comments on her facebook right after, so now I'm not sure what to think. I thought he didn't like her? Anyway, we really loved each other and we had plans for the future. This is the most we've talked in a long time and he told me about his non interest in his girlfriend. Basically, what should I think of this whole situation? Is there a chance he still likes me? And if so, how can I get him back? I really think that he is the one. I miss him like crazy and I love him. I don't know what to do or think about this. I really want to try things out with him again but I have no idea how to go about it. Help?


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  • I know it's really difficult to still love your ex and want them back. . .but it sounds like on some level he is playing the two of you. He says he's unhappy with her but he hasn't dumped her? He somehow was able to dump you when he wanted out. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh and maybe he's realizing he made a mistake. It is okay to still love him but I really think you should move on. If he doesn't like it and wants to get back together how could you trust him knowing how he treated you and this other girl? It just sounds like between the TWO of you he is getting exactly what he wants. Kick him to the curb and go completely No Contact-it will really suck for a while but you will start to see his actions from another angle, and you'll realize you deserve better!


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