How to know a guy is really loyal whether in a relationship or marriage?

Usually guys find other girls in a absense of a person they are in a relationship with. Some fake love in order to keep false relationships. How do you actually realise its all fake and it's a time to get away forever from such a person.


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  • Loyal is such a weird word for us guys. umm, let's just say if a guy truly loves you, he's gonna be possessive, might forgive your most mistakes, may kill off his small habits for you, will try to spend more time with you, these sign might fade away with the passage of time but that doesn't mean he no longer loves you, let me know if it helps?


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  • It shows in their actions same goes for females


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  • Well any pretentious relationship will have one or both expressing their affections without any relevance...
    ... especially at trivial moments... they will always reassure you of their love for you.. lacking actual empathy...

    • Love never needs to be said with words...
      ... Love is an experiential thing
      ... it's just a massive turn on to say...
      ... if you have a good relationship where you're given much consideration.. without hearing those special words... then that's the actual affection...
      ... remember, words are used to lie...
      ... the body tends to withhold its integrity...

  • In short it will appear in his face and reactions, you need to use your sixth sense


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