Lost on what to do about ex?

So.. my ex and I have been on and off since the last time we met in July. The relationship was a long distance relationship.. it started on 7/28/16. So it's been well over a year. But ever since the last time we met, we've been arguing a ton. Last Sunday, me and her broke up. (Like normal at this point in the arguing). We continued to fight for the next few days until Thursday. On Thursday she admitted to talking to a new guy since Tuesday. I was so pissed that we ended up really being done and I destroyed everything she gave me, and deleted all pics of her. On Friday morning her friends were texting me saying she's happier without me and harassing me. This left me heartbroken, everything I see reminds me of her and I'm crying nearly 24/7. But now, she has tried talking to be again. Saying that she isn't going to date him because he is suspicious when he doesn't answer for awhile. I'm lost on what to do. I miss her soo much but at the same time she was really mean about breaking up last time with her friends.. I even told her mom and her mom told me to block her everywhere.. but that's just not possible for me, because I miss her so much. I just want advice on what to do right now or what to say to her. She sent a pic of herself on Snapchat this morning and I started bawling and told her to stop sending pics of herself.. also, last night she was asking questions about me and this other girl. And before the day I quit talking to her, she tried to be friends with me because she said she would help me find someone new, after scaring away the last girl I found right after breaking up with her.. I just don't know what to do..


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  • If you really love her here's a simple advice. Just go and tell her all this stuff cuz instead of jumping off to solution and tell her you love her simply won't help so instead tell her how hard it is for you to forget her but don't show too much of over dependency.

    • I hope this will help you ☺☺

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    • So I ended up taking this route. We started talking again.. and then we started fighting again for the same reason, and now I think we are really done for good, and I'm not ready for this.

    • Ok dude hope that everything happens for a good reason

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  • She sounds munipulative bro.
    The thing eith her friends, and then "helping you find another girl".
    No go bro.
    It sounds like she likes you but also wants herself and what she desires (trying out other guys).
    Its kind of emotionally abusive.

  • Ask her if she want to be with you like old time. If yes just give her second chance...
    There's probability that she won't cheat on you anymore..
    If she just want to be ur friend then leave her dude cuz you will end up in heartbreak.

  • You should block her even if it's hard for you because she is toying with your emotions right now, I don't believe a word she says, she tried going out with another guy it didn't work and now she wants to use you as someone to go back to whenever she wants to.


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