What should I do about this guy who likes me and I don't want to go out or anything?

This guy used to wait me near my school till I come out to see me and follow me everywhere.

My two friends liked him,i didn't notice that he was following us.

At first I used to see him getting back to his home from school & my friends said he was hot,i looked at him then he looked back,then we started staring at each other.

I stopped staring,he started following us,he followed me and told his friend to give me his number.

I ignored his friend,he ended up sitting and waiting then following me & staring,he's cool but I don't want to date right now.

The problem here that my friend likes him and he likes me, so I don't want a guy to ruin our friendship,i can give up on that guy because I'm not that much into him,and him following me will brings problems to me.

my friend keeps saying she loves him and such.

When I told her that he tried to give me his #,she said she'd take it.

Now since school is coming back and he's too,lots of sh** is coming with THAT.

What should I do about him?ignore him?tell him to stop following?

Sorry for the bad language.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Ignore him. Let him know you're not interested. Let him waste his time following you until he gives up. I mean, as long as he's just following, what's the big deal? So just literally pretend he's not there at all, and if he tries talking to you, just be polite but REALLY boring.


What Girls Said 1

  • If I were you I'd tell him to stop following me because I'm not looking any guy right now. And he can chat/text/talk with my friends if he wants but I'm not down for tht sh*t. OR id talk to him for my friend? Befriend him and convince him to ask my friend out? (But make sure your friend doesn't think there's anythin going on between you two!), I don't know but that's what I would do, GOOD LUCK [: !

    • I don't want to put my friend with someone who I don't know anything about,i don't even know his name,at the end it will be my fault if he end up an azzhole.

      That's why I don't do anything.

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