Did he cheat? Husband was at his BM house@ 2a. m?

Long story short, I talked to my husband at 8pm Friday night and I called him around 10pm because of a power outage. I got no answer, and I had a feeling to just go to his BM house. The truck was there and he was inside. I called, rang the doorbell and of course she said he wasn't there. By this time it's 2am. I pulled off parked and cried. A few minutes later he calls and I'm furious and hang up. He says he was drunk and passed out in his daughter room after dropping them off. I'm numb and I feel disrespected, hurt and empty. After he got home, I cried so, he cried and kept apologies but I am silent. I was numb. shut down. A text comes through at 4am asking are you coming back. I responded by asking her if they are sleeping together. I asked him and he accused me of not having any trust and it shouldn't matter what time it was. Wow! Am I married to a child? Thoughts please


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  • Did he give you a direct “no I didn’t have sex with her” for an answer?

    • Yes.
      It's weird, because I do believe him. I just totally feel hurt, disappointed, disrespecting and her sending that text it just made me wonder, but she could have sent it out of spite as well if she wasn't able to sleep with him🤔

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    • Maybe not but it’s still very inappropriate

    • Yes.
      I'm so disappointed.

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  • Not sure what BM stands for, but if I were you I would feel confused, upset, disappointed, and furious too. I can't really give you honest advice cause I've never been in a relationship but you need to have a serious talk with your husband. A woman's instinct when it comes to cheating should NEVER be dismissed. Always remember that a lying person always ends up in a burst of anger if you accuse them of lying. If they were telling the truth they would be calm about it.

    • BM is baby momma. I just don't really know what to believe. I thought I knew, but I never thought he was the type. I think I'm more hurt about the trust, disappointed and disrespect

    • Oh okay, that's what it meant. I know how much it sucks to trust someone so much and have them turn on you. But I don't think they're allowed to step on you and keep lying to you over and over again. He's either cheating or he's not (but then again, if he's not cheating he needs to prove himself real good to you that he isn't). I'm not a mother but for the sake of your daughter, I would probably not stay with this man any longer if he continues to treat you in a trivial manner. If I had a daughter I would not want her to see me try to stay with someone who cheated on me, because that would teach her that it's totally fine to stay with someone who is unfaithful and it's totally fine to give them a million chances to redeem themselves.

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  • He's cheating

    • You think so🤔
      I'm just confused, and wanted to know if it is isn't possible for a man to do something like this and not have actually cheated

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