Is it odd to be close with your ex still or no?

This guy and I dated for about 7 months and it seemed perfect in a way. We shared lots of laughter and memories together. He gave me a book of his and told me to return it to him on our wedding day for Christmas and the next month he broke up with me. I believe it was the end of May and he came into contact with me saying he was sorry for what happened. I've been talking to him since then, he has come into my work once and brought me coffee. He and I have had breakfast together as well. He has also come into an old workplace of mine and talked to me for about 20-45mins. He also told me he never wants to lose me, and he could easily say he loves me. That I am the person he trusts most. He told me that I was his greatest friend. He and I share fond memories of us being together. My friends think it's weird that I am talking to him and that he wants to get back together. Am I the odd one or is this completely normal?


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  • It's normal to an extent with the exception of him telling you that he wants you back. I still talk to many of my exs and we have a good friendship. I however try my damnedest to not bring up our past relationship. Just be careful as with all the confessions he may want to get back with you. In short yes its normal to be friends with an ex, but keep an eye out for red flags.

  • For the most part it's normal human nature. People seem to like to get back in relationships with exes. I don't recommend it but a lot do it.


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