How to deal with this breakup?

My boyfriend just broke up with me and he said he wasn't into me anymore, he was persistent and I wasn't able to change his mind. He said he would have no confidence to tell me later.. in case he might change his mind. Also, that he found someone else and there are better guys out there. I don't know how to feel right now.. right now I don't feel anything.. even though I tried crying.. it was hard to force out tears when he called me

I feel like later on it will hurt more. Does anyone have any good tips on getting over someone. Why do guys always break up with me, (I'm not unattractive- or so they say) but my personality must be a turn off. I wonder if it's me or that I shouldn't be in relationships


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  • I agree with stryker. Your ex could have let it linger and eventually resent you then things end badly. The advice given to me when my wife left was focus on you and make you happy. At the end of the day you need to look out for number 1. You got this!


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  • Can't say anything about how your personality is but seriously, you wouldn't want him to waste more of your time. Some people just aren't meant to be. We all differ. So don't take it that personal, you weren't his thing. Simple. At least he was honest and didn't give you a bs excuse.
    It'll get better too, over time

  • Focus on what you want in you life and make it happen

  • Hey you should thank him and respect him for that. He lost interest so he told you instead of going behind your back and cheating on you


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