How to “break it up” with her?

I had been talking with this girl for a while. I took her out on a date a little over a week ago and hasn’t heard back yet. She clearly hasn’t got over her ex. Call me foolish, as much as I like her, at the same time I can’t believe how she has treated me. I want to talk to her, let her know what is on my mind, walk away knowing I left nothing and that maybe soon she will “get religion”. Any advice on trying to tell her essentially “I like you, didn’t like how you been treating me, clearly you got things you need to figure out, and it’s not ‘goodbye, it’s i’ll see ya later’”.


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  • Just like that. Just tell her very politely, but directly, how you feel.

    It might hurt her feelings, but she needs a wake up call. She just lost a great guy, and needs the truth.


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