This guy I like has a girlfriend but he still flirts with me?

OK, there's this guy I met about a month ago. When we met he was really sweet and caring. We have seriously tons in common, I mean, its scary how alike we are. Anyway, after a few days of flirting with him, he kissed me. That night he told me that his ex wanted to get back with him but he didn't know what to do cause he liked me as well and he didn't want his ex to put him through hell again.

A day or two later we were watching a movie and we started making out. He knew that he was the first person to kiss me and all that. We were getting really into it when he stops and says to me that he needs to sort out his sh*t before anything happens between us.

Later that week he calls me and says that he's going back to his ex cause he still loves her, but even since then he still flirts with me. He tells me I'm friggin hot and says that I'm too cute and sweet. We chat till 6 am on MSN some nights and we're really really close. He tells me everything.

My problem is that I'm a little confused by all this. I know he loves his girlfriend but why is he still flirting with me? Is it even flirting? Does he still like me in that way? I'm really confused >.>

I need your help...


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What Guys Said 1

  • What would his girlfriend say about this?

    He considers you a good friend. You should hope.

    Otherwise he's being unfaithful to his girlfriend.

    And he's likely to repeat this with you and another ``friend.''


What Girls Said 1

  • Its simple. Painful, but simple. You're his girl on the side. Now, he may have sincerely liked you, and may honestly be confused, but as long as you are still talking to him a lot and flirting back nothing is going to change. you have to stop, and make it clear that while he has a girlfriend who isn't u, he can't do those things anymore. That way, if he really likes u, he'll miss u, leave her, and chase u. If he doesn't, then he's a douche. Trust me, I've been through this before.

    Best wishes!


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