Why is he being hateful?

My husband and I are separated right now.. we have always had issues, arguments and fights at one point... but the last time we were together he was being just hateful to me.. I mean usually hareful for him... i dont know if he is doing drugs again or if he is seeing someone behind my back... maybe he has grown tired of being married. He is 23 and I'm 36... any advice?


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  • Do you still love him like before


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  • Maybe it's the level of maturity?

    • Maybe... it's really bothersome to me because I don't want to give up on our marriage, but then again I don't want to waste my time either.

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    • I really don't like thinking about it bc I go right back and I know it's not healthy to get done how he treats me.

    • How long have you been together total?

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