Should I Just Move On?

Okay so I am pretty much in love with this guy. We've known each other for almost two years. He is amazing and he's one of my best friends. We dated for about three months last year and then he broke up with me for another girl. He never ended up dating her and me and him stayed friends. It was and still is very hard for me to be friends with him because I still love him. Towards the end of our relationship we started having phone sex but we never called it that. He would just really ask for help and I would always do it. Even after we broke up I still did it because I love him so much that I thought it would make him take me back, but it never did. And then he started talking to me less and less. He would always text me first but now I had to text him first, stuff like that. Around the fourth of July he started telling me that he really liked a girl and that he was thinking about making her his girlfriend. I was completely disappointed and hurt by this that I told him I was going to bed and then he got mad at me telling me that I really wasn't going to bed. He knows me so well that he knew it was true. So he went on vacation for two weeks right after that to Yellowstone National Park. When he came back I "helped" him again and he told me he bought earrings for her and he was going to give them to her when he asked her for be his girlfriend. I was still hurt by it and just responded with an oh cool. I went away to camp during the last week of July so we couldn't talk. Last night I "helped" him and it made me think of the days when we were dating because we were laughing and it made me really happy. Then after we got off the phone, he asked me if it was wrong for me to keep helping him even if he had a girlfriend. I told him I felt like it was because it's kind of like cheating but at the same time if we weren't doing anything he would just be watching p*rn. He agreed and he told me he would keep doing it with me until he did stuff with his girlfriend. That made me ask him if they were boyfriend/girlfriend yet and he said that they were since July 26th. I knew I was at camp but he didn't even bother telling me when I got back and that really hurt me. Not just because he had a girlfriend but because we were best friends. I told him about all of my problems with my dad and stuff and he never told me. So last night I cried myself to sleep because I still love him and its clear that he doesn't love me. One time he even told me we could never be together. So I have a feeling I should move on but I don't know how because I love him too much to just let go and walk away. So how can I just move on and get over him?

Sorry, it's long.


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  • You need to move on. And the way you can do that is to find someone else. Find a guy that is sweet and cares about you and isn't going to treat you like that, and you'll find very quickly that you can let this first guy go. Sometimes people are just looking to give and receive love... and he was the person you were pouring all of your energy into. And getting nothing back. You're scared to leave because then you won't have anyone to love at all.. or have a hope that you'll be loved back. So find someone first, and letting go will be much easier.


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