I have no clue what happened with him. We were falling in love, things got a little messy, and now he's done. Am I stupid for waiting for him?

So I met this guy a few months back. He was head over heals for me. Telling his sister that I'm his angel and everything he's ever wanted. The next day we all hung out again and we hit it off like crazy, laughing, kissing, getting to know each other, the sex was unbelievable. Just smiling at each other and laughing and talking, that really incredible love kind of sex. He was away for the summer and had to leave the next morning. We facetimed every single day, texted all day. I was just getting out of a relationship and was still living with my ex. I was super skeptical of the whole thing and obviously not in the best place to be starting something so serious. I put every doubt I had out there and he put them all to rest over and over again. Told me he understood and he was going to help me get through all of this. The way he looked at me, talked to me, texted me, kissed me, held me... like nothing I've ever experienced. He would drive 3 hours late at night after his baseball games to come see me when he had a few days off. I had never been treated so well. I finally let myself start falling for him and it was amazing. But... still moving out of the house. So I finally moved out and was emotional. The next time he came home he was acting distant. I had a 2 nights of drinking way too much, crying a lot and he was there for it. I can see how it could be overwhelming. So I finally met his parents after these couple of crappy days. He was acting weird and I got home and sent him a pretty harsh not mean... just assertive text about how he should be treating me. After that he slowly backed away and now we're done. He went back to college. But the thing is I still see him because his sister is my best friend. I was super desperate when this first happened and I've almost completely backed off. He has a hard time even looking in my direction now. His parents love me, he was falling in love with me, I'm still crazy about him. Am I stupid for waiting for him?


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  • Very stupid. It’s over


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