How do you get over someone that lead on?

So I been with a guy I was seeing for about 4 months he lead me on to a point that I though we where official I meet his family and his friends. He use to ask for money and would get upset I use to cook for him all of that. Now we borke up after the most carzy thing to happen in history hurricane irma I lost half of my home by the way but I'm okie. We broke up and he told me that he lead me on and he still going to be with his ex and he try to be with me but he loves her and i was just a test drive basically but what hurts he used me and my body and wasted my time can someone tell me how to get over that bad feeling of hurt


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  • You poor thing you need a real man in your life no more boyss babe!


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  • That's terrible, I'm sorry! Be glad you didn't waste anymore of your life


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  • so we was leading you on to get things from you

    • His lifestyle was like that his ex at the time use to spoil him and i came along and i chose my responsibility over spoiling a grown man

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    • He dumped me

    • damn. you don't need someone like he bringing you down when you're trying to just start your life. trust me you're better off.

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