friends with benefits. Was he trying to get a reaction or just teasing?

I have a friend who turn out to be my friends with benefits. He told me that he likes to stick with one friends with benefits even if he lives 2 hours away from me because of Uni (I have told him that I don’t care that he has another one while in Uni but he has to be tested once in a while). We text regularly and he texted me how if I didn’t had time he was going to get another girl to please him. This didn’t affect me in any way but as a joke I told him if he was trying to make me jealous. He then admitted that he was trying to make me jealous. I think he was just trying to tease me or get a reaction. Any opinions?


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  • I think he was trying to tease you so that you would go back to him and spend more time with him


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