How can I tell if he actually liked/likes me?

we were together 6 months but he never wanted it official. he said he doesn't like relationships since his ex hurt him. he lied to me about the number of girls he's been with and I just found out. we ended things in April but have hooked up since then but he won't talk to me afterwords. I'm the one that ended things but when I did he told his friends I broke up with him blah blah. I think he actually liked me he seemed like it we went out all the time but how can I tell if he still does at all? just because he doesn't contact me does that mean he doesn't like me? could that mean he just doesn't want to like me? I feel like everything was a lie. just because he's been with 38 girls does that mean he's a player?


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  • no contact means he has moved for the 38 girls, he's quite the can definitely say he liked you if you were together for 6 months, likes maybe a bit loose because of his player nature which makes you a backup dancer in the event he needs a girl


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