What is my ex's issue?

We split a yr ago. It was devistating as it came out of no where. He also gave no explanation. I've seen him 2 times in the last yr. He seemed happy to see me both times. He said he's been single the whole time and has no interest in dating. After i saw him in June, he was open to remaining friendly, but not friends. I asked him if he could give me some photos i had stored on his computer, he said he would, but i never got them. I called once and text once... he blew up at me. So i left him alone. He did end up sending me a few pix of my niece, but not the other 100+ on there. So i contacted him in August. One call one text, he called me a crazy bitch and blocked me on his phone. I decided to leave it at that... eff him.
And then last week, my niece was playing with my phone and of all the numbers to dial, my 2 yr old niece calls him. And he answered with hello (my name) I hung it up but i realized im unblocked. But... I've not contactex him or anything. Then over the weekend he was hanging out with mutual friends and he asked about me. They were going somewhere we used to love to go to. He asked if i would be there, they told him i was at disneyland with my daughter and he apparently looked sad. His behavior has been strange since we split, itll be 1 yr end of month. Im wondering if he's feeling bad or something else...
What is my ex's issue?
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