Recent break up?

My ex girlfriend says we will be nothing more than friends but when she texts me she ask who im with just wondering when I'm out or asks if I'm at work


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  • Sounds like you need space to deal with the breakup and even though she broke up with you she may want to keep tabs on you to see if you've moved on or hanging out with a new girl. I'd explain to her you need you space and take a break from talking to her to deal with how your feeling about the breakup she should respect how you feel. Most people don't realize it can be hard being friends with and ex immediately after a break up or just in general it's a big adjustment.


What Guys Said 2

  • You're her back up plan in case the guy she's seeing doesn't work out.

    • Yea i heard of that one also

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    • Oh ok sounds good anything else I should kno

    • Look up Leykis 101. Good rules on dating and how women really think.

  • She probably still cares about you. Which is good.

    • I'm confused honestly

    • Honestly, don't try and read into it. Just take it at face value. She wants to know about how you're doing and if you're happy. Trust me, it is a trillion times better than what my girlfriend did to me. She broke up with me and then stopped talking to me all together

    • Sorry to hear that

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