Does he have feeling or is he attracted to me?

*Me - 28 was in an abusive marraige
- went to event with friends bumped into Steve who was friend with Alfie who is also my friend
- I became good friend with Steve
- me and Steve admitted we had feelings for each other
- didn't do anything about it because of marriage but still wants to be friends so we leave it behind us.
- I went out to a club and got sexually assaulted by Alfie so I got him arrested which made things awkward between me and Steve
- eventually me and Steve put it behind us and still continue to be friends
- march 2017 I leave my abusive husband and me and Steve nearly kiss. He tells me he would take on a woman with children ( I have kids) if he loves her and tells me he thinks about me all the time etc. We nearly kiss but I pull away.
- a month later I bump into him and we touch each other kiss etc whilst he was drunk. When I get back home I ask him what he would do to me he tells me he'd kiss me
- I thought he probably just saw me as a fling so I told him that in happy for casual sex or we can put it behind us and carry on being friends
- he ignores me for a whole month and won't reply to my messages. I find out through a friend he's started taking cocaine and ectasy whilst mixing it with anti depressants. He comes back for a while and tells me he's not looking for a relationship but I have a decent body and he would have e sex with me.
- I give the go ahead for casual sex, we meet and we are talking nicely and stuff then we get a bit flirty and he touches me. He seems a bit hesitant and keeps stopping like he is trying to tease me. But he won't kiss me etc
- we were supposed to meet up for coffee after this but he tells me he's chucking me out of his life because I was judging his messy house ( I wasn't) and tells me his life was happier without me in it. I can tell this is not the real reason he's chucked me out of his life. That was 29th August it's now October and I still haven't heard from him. Xx
Does he have feeling or is he attracted to me?
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