What to do when I remember my ex who hurts me badly?

What she did to me was really hurtful, I thought she loved me but she used me and left me in a very rude way. she really hurts me so bad. Some days I don't think about her at all and even if I do I feel glad that we are not together because I don't need someone like her in my life. While some other days literally everything I see reminds me of her and I feel sad, I feel like I can't forget her or find someone. She was my first real girlfriend. What advice can you give me for those days that I think of her?


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  • just ignore her because she was not good for you. You will find a good girl the one you deserve. Just be nice with the people I mean with everyone. Be good with people, God do good to you.

    Sorry for not so good English 😅


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  • Get talking to other chicks. You will soon forget her nasty ways.


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