Girlfriend moved out of the house because she says there's paranormal?

What can I do to convince her there is nothing in that house I haven't seen no activity myself but it's driven us apart I get mean when I go into the house does anybody know what can be done besides moving


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  • Sometimes demons or other malign spirits can make you get mean.

    • Yeah I'm not liking it one bit cost me be mean to her without me realizing what I was doing and I don't know if I'll be able to repair the damage that has already been done

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  • Dude sometimes something you think doesn't exist might exist if you can't sense it she might sense it

    • Yeah I've had to put her into the psychiatric ward a couple times and I said people that has mental problems can see stuff with normal people can't

    • You see sometimes people might think you are crazy or your are hallucinating because what they don't believe in is not real
      It cants nd never be real until you focus on it
      And I can tell you paranormal is real

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  • Get a holy man ( depending on Ur religious beliefs) to bless the house. That might convince her.

  • A girlfriend at 13 who can decide all by herself to move out of a house? How old is your GF?


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